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Weekly Calendar

Wednesday, September 17th
No Scheduled Activities

Thursday, September 18th
Junior High & High School Volleyball @ Dupree at 4:30 pm, bus 3:00 pm (dismiss players at 2:50 pm)
5th & 6th Girls' Basketball Vs Faith @ Timber Lake at 5:00 pm (2 games)

Friday, September 19th
Picture Day
High School Football @ Newell at 6:00 pm, bus 1:15 pm, (dismiss players at 1:05 pm)

Saturday, September 20th
Junior High Football Jamboree @ Mobridge TBA
Cross Country @ Gettysburg 9:00 am, van 6:30 am


Monday, September 22nd
High School Volleyball @ Sully Buttes at 5:00 pm, bus 2:00 pm
5th & 6th Girls' Basketball @ McLaughlin at 4:00 pm, bus 2:30 pm

Tuesday, September 23rd
FUTURE OCCUPATIONS (Dr. Lawyer, Teacher, NBA, NFL, WNBA, etc)
High School Decorate halls 1st period
High School Volleyball Vs McLaughlin @ 5:30 pm
Coronation at 4:30 pm in the Theater
Middle School Smarter Balance Incentive Bowling Trip to Mandan, bus 8:15 am

Wednesday, September 24th
OPPOSITE GENDER (Dress Code Applies)
Cross Country Meet @ Faulkton at 12:00, van 8:00 am

Thursday, September 25th
THROWBACK TO THE 50'S -  80'S (Dress a Decade)
Junior High Volleyball Vs Faith @ 5:00 pm

Friday, September 26th
High School Football Vs Harding County @ 7:00 pm (Jr Parents serving supper)

Saturday, September 27th
High School Volleyball Little Moreau Conf. Tournament @ Faith at 9:00 am, bus 7:00 am
Cross Country @ Hoven at 9:00 am, van 6:30 am
5th & 6th Girls' Basketball Tournament @ Rock Creek 10:00 am, bus 8:30 am